Spilordner til Catan - engelsk (Firefly Workshop)

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With Catan becoming all the rage and with numerous expansions, Firefly Workshop saw a need to make things a little more convenient and organized for our followers and lovers of Catan. This Box Organizer Insert allows you to fit your standard box set and its 5-6 player extension conveniently within the original box.

This organizer features an angled tray to hold all of the land tiles as well as 3 removable trays that can be used to hold both the standard sized playing cards (will fit sleeved or un-sleeved cards. Underneath the 3 removable trays is additional storage to hold the larger flat items such as the building cards, longest road, largest army, borders and more.  

We recommend this organizer for use with the base game and its 5-6 player extension, however there is additional room in the land area and card tray that can be used to hold some of the player piece bags and bags of other misc. tokens if you desire to try and combine additional sets into this organizer. Please note that due to the size of some of the border pieces and specialty land tiles/Flip Books (Rivers of Catan, Knights and Pirates & Explorers especially) they will not fit underneath the trays and would need to be stored on top of everything which would prevent the lid from closing all of the way which is why we recommend this for the base set only.

Made of MDF (Medium Dense Fiberboard). All of our box organizers include page by page instructions for an easy assembly.

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