13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis

13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis

13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis

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Antal spillere: 2

Alder: 10+

Spilletid: ca. 45 min.

13 Days is a card-driven boardgame where action takes place because of cards played which are based on key events and items from the Cuban Missile Crisis. Card-driven games feature a lot of interaction between the players so there is not a lot of waiting on the other player.

The most acclaimed is 'Twilight Struggle' (by A.Gupta and J.Matthews). Jolly Roger has done one previously called 'Founding Fathers' (by J.Matthews and C.Leonhard), but within this type of game, there's usually some complexity. 13 Days fits a different niche. It plays fast and its simple, making it an ideal filler game rich with history, or as a game that will entertain new gamers who may have no idea about the Cuban Missile Crisis at all.

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