Carcassonne: Inns & Cathedrals

Carcassonne: Inns & Cathedrals

Carcassonne: Inns & Cathedrals

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Antal spillere: 2 - 6 spillere

Alder: 8+

Spilletid: Ca. 60 min.

Carcassonne: Die Erweiterung (later prints used the title Inns & Cathedrals) is the first major expansion for Carcassonne and introduces a few new aspects to the game. There are a couple of completely new kinds of tiles - the inns and cathedrals. There are also new tiles that present cities, roads, and cloisters in new shapes. Additionally, each player gets a "big meeple" which counts as two regular meeples. Another whole set of meeples means 6 players can now enjoy the game. Finally, a set of scoring cards helps make score-keeping a little clearer.

Part of the Carcassonne series.

Det kræver grundspillet Carcassonne for at kunne spilles.

Udvidelsen er med engelske spilleregler.

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