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12 Realms: Buildings Pack


Antal spillere:1 - 6

Alder: 11+

Spilletid: ca. 90 min.

The 12 Realms: Buildings Pack consists of three different buildings: Inn, Stable and Bazaar. These buildings introduce in the basic game a variant. You place one building per Realm (in case you play with four Realms, then one of the realms will be without a building) which acts as an extra Market, meaning you can buy new cards from them which are different from the Town Cards.

To each Building are corresponded six cards. To buy such a card you must place your Hero on the specific Area where a Building has been placed and exploit two Gold Coins. You draw one card and you take it in front of you. The cards of each Building are different and as a result of this, they offer you different things like: extra talents, more moves, defense to curses and more.

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