Videre til indhold

Spilordner til Aeon’s End (AEND-001) (Go7 Gaming)


Note: this solution is designed for use with the newer edition boxes (~3.5″ high).  If used in the original, taller boxes (~4.5″ high) there will be about an inch of open space above this solution.

The solution for Aeon’s End™ is designed for the newer second-edition box height. This solution can be used with either the second-edition core box or War Eternal box and provides a wonderful, structured home for your game that will get you playing much quicker!

This solution includes:

  • one (1) core insert that provides 426.95mm of card storage space
  • one (1) counter tray to store four (4) counters, plus four (4) smaller breaches.
  • one (1) token tray with lid
  • one (1) breach tray with room for thirty (30) breaches and seven (7) terror tiles
  • storage space for 43 large cardboard mats
  • thirteen (13) dividers, but you probably won’t need all of them!

This design provides ample storage space as of October 2018 to store all core/expansion cards unsleeved in a single box with a small amount of card storage room remaining. If you sleeve and own all expansions through October 2018, you will need two AEND-001 units and you will need to use both your core and War Eternal boxes with the inserts. This kit includes 13 dividers, although the design supports and encourages the use of the divider cards provided by the publisher. Use of the publisher dividers will provide significantly more card storage room.

Expansions released after October 2018 will require non-sleeving customers to purchase a second AEND-001 unit to store additional cards and larger play boards. Sleeving customers owning two AEND-001 kits will have significant room for growth.

This design provides ample room on top to store game manuals with no lid lift.

Product Notes

  • There is room on top of the insert for the game manuals.
  • This insert can accommodate sleeved or unsleeved cards. We use FFG sleeves, but since they are so large, most other sleeves will work as well.
  • This insert kit is lovingly crafted with laser power using a 3mm HDF wood product and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • Insert kit assembly requires some wood glue and about 45 minutes of assembly time. We recommend Sobo Craft glue or another comparable quick setting, tacky glue.
  • This is not a licensed product. All marks are the property of their respective owners.