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Antal spillere: 1+

Alder: 10+

Spilletid: ca. 30 min.

Arokah is a one-of-a-kind multi-puzzle. The ultimate brain-teaser challenge.

Journey through the six levels of ‘Arokah Mastery’ before taking on the ‘Master Challenges’ and earning your place as a ‘Master of Arokah’. Be aware, the fiendishly difficult ‘Master Challenges’ will test your resolve, patience and determination.

The more you play the better you get. Can you master the Arokah?


  • A unique set of 23 Arokah shapes
  • 12 puzzle challenges: levels 1 - 6
  • 3 Master Challenges - GLOX, XAVO and oKELo
  • A double sided playing board
  • A welcome guide with instructions

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