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Age of Sigmar: Broken Realms - Ven Brecht's Black Watch

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This set contains:
- 10x Judicators, ranged troops that can be equipped with skybolt bows or bolstorm crossbows. The kit includes options for 2x shockbolt bows, 2x thunderbolt crossbows, and 2x Judicator-Primes
- 8x Gryph-Hounds, swift-scouting beasts that serve alongside the Stormcast Eternals
- 3x Castigators, magical crossbow-wielders that specialise in smiting Daemons and Nighthaunt
- 1x Lord-Veritant, a specialised hunter of Wizards

This set is supplied in 249 plastic components and comes with 18x 40mm bases.