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Constructible Dice (Blackfire)

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19,20 - 96,00
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Blackfire Constructible Dice consist of 6 acrylic parts which can be easily assembled into a unique six-sided die. 12 dice-parts in 2 different colors allows you to create your own color version of the constructible die. This set also contains numbers in 3 different colors which are used to indicate the numbers of your dice. This provides you with a whole bunch of different color combination for your own personal Constructible Die! By adding more sets to your collection, the possibilities of color choice are growing even larger.


This set contains 6 acrylic side walls to form an unique modification dice which can be used in Trading Card Games like "Magic - The Gathering". Assembling is very easy and resolves in a green six-sided die with the following sides: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 and 6/7.

Set contains one modification die. No glue is required for assembling.


These constructible dice are assembled from acrylic side walls and form 2 handy modificator-dice for all trading card games. The sides show either +1/+1 (up to +6/+6) or -1/-1 (up to -6/-6) and are a great accessory in card games. The side walls are 2,2cm wide and make these dice bigger and more attractive at the table than smaller ones.

Assembling is very easy and can be done without any glue.