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Star Wars - Age of Rebellion: Critical Hit Ships and Vehicles Deck

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Interstellar travel in the Star Wars® universe is rife with dangers. No matter what kind of starship you’re flying for whatever reason, your ship may fall under attack from bandits, bounty hunters, or Imperial forces. Whether your vehicle takes a critical hit or gives them out to a rival ship, the Critical Hit Deck makes operating with and fixing critical hits easier by putting the rules for all critical vehicle hits right at your fingertips. Compatible with the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion™, and Force and Destiny™ roleplaying games, the Critical Hit Deck contains twenty-nine cards, each detailing the effects and severity of a single vehicle hit. Full-color art on every card brings to life each kind of hit and immerses players more fully in the Star Wars universe.

The Critical Hit Deck contains:
  • 19 cards, each describing a single critical injury
  • 2 cover cards