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Fantastiqa: Audacious Artifacts Expansion

På lager Spar 4,00
Originalpris 20,00
Nuværende pris 16,00

Antal spillere: 2 - 4

Alder: 8+

Spilletid: ca. 60 min.

En mini-udvidelse på 18 artefakter til Fantastiqa.


  • Cassens’ Uncanny Clasp of Unfastening (Cost: 4 Gems): Choose one card from your hand or discard pile and tuck it part-way beneath your current Region. A player who ends his turn in this Region must add this card to his discard pile.
  • The Complete Troll-Gurgles of Beng Erber (Cost: 3 Gems): Discard as many cards from your hand as you wish, and then draw that many more again.
  • Dozer’s Deranged Digging Stick (Cost: 4 Gems): Draw five cards from your draw deck and keep two. Discard the others.
  • Ender’s Tollbooth of Never-Ending Adventure (Cost: 4 Gems): Travel to the Region most distant from your current location. (If more than one Region ties, choose either one.)
  • The Ever-Clucking Chicken Cup of Rahdo’s Bravado (Cost: 4 Gems): Subdue any adjacent single-symbol Creature card and then travel to the Region just beyond it.
  • Paco’s Paranormal Pencilbox (Cost: 4 Gems): Draw one Beast card and add it to your hand.
  • The Summerer’s Guide to Winter Wonderland (Cost: 3 Gems): If you are in the Frozen Wastelands, draw one Artifact or one Beast card and add it to your hand.
  • Tox’s Ill-Tempered Tortoise of Directed Rigor Mortis (Cost: 4 Gems): Choose one card in your hand or discard pile and remove it from play.
  • Vasel’s Disconcerting Dice of Mischievous Melody (Cost: 4 Gems): Add an additional +1 Point Bonus Token to any Open Quest. (Limit: 3 Tokens total on any Open Quest.)

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