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Firefly The Game: Customizable Ship Models 2


Antal spillere: 1 - 4

Alder: 13+

Spilletid: Ca. 240 min.

The Esmeralda and the Jetwash are built on the latest Firefly chassis, the top-of-the-line Series IV. Each of these ships boasts a superior drive core, increased cargo space and a secure fuel-exchange system.
A deep-space hauler, the SS Walden is a slow ship with plenty of room for cargo. Its counterpart, the nimble Interceptor, is designed with one purpose, hunting bounties. Its extra speed and fuel efficiency come at the cost of reduced cargo and crew space.
On board the Victoria-Class Coirvette, the single-minded Operative prowls all of known space, tirelessly pursuing fugitives and waned criminals.
This box contains an assortment of models from various Firefly – The Game expansions. They have been re-mastered and produced in hiugh detail resin so that you can enjoy customising your ships and giving them unique paint schemes.
Contains five models (1 x SS Walden, 1 x Interceptor, 1 x Alliance Corvette, 2 x Firefly Series IV)

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