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Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game: Barty Crouch Sr. & Aurors Expansion

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Antal spillere: 2 - 6

Alder: 12+

Spilletid: ca. 90 min.

Pack of high quality resin miniatures, ready to paint and assemble. Includes character cards and upgrade cards for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. The Barty Crouch Sr. & Aurors box contains the following: 4 High Quality Resin Miniatures ready to paint and assemble Barty Crouch Sr. 3 Aurors 4 30mm Plastic Bases 4 Character Cards 4 Spell Cards 3 Artefact Cards 2 Potion Card 1 Wizarding Wars rulebook (tournament rules) 15 Duelling Cards From the publisher: The Wizarding Wars are an exciting new way to play the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. These official events allow players to compete against each other in a fast, fun and furious day of gaming, proving themselves the ultimate champion of the Wizarding World...

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