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Iceberg Hustle


Antal spillere: 2 - 4

Alder: 5+

Spilletid: ca. 15 min.

Game description from the publisher: Paul Penguin, the most daredevil climber in the Arctic Ocean, has climbed up an iceberg and wants to prove his capacity to resist any iceberg hustling. In Iceberg Hustle, the players have to help him! First an iceberg is made out of several layers of ice floes. Then Paul Penguin is put on the top floe and a fish is put on each of the other floes. Then the players take turns flicking their ice floes against the iceberg with all their might so that as many ice floes as possible break away and the fish fall into the sea. But watch out! Paul Penguin must do his best to remain steady and try to not topple off his ice floe! Players try to collect all the parts floating around in the sea. Whoever can stack up the highest pile of fish and ice floes at the end is the bravest hustler of all Ice Ages.

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