Incredible Courage at Elchingen


Antal spillere: 2 - 4

Alder: 15+

Spilletid: ca. 180 min.

Incredible Courage at Elchingen is the battle where Marshall Ney defeated the Austrian General Reisch just north of the Danube River, just before the surrender at Ulm. Ney must move 2 of his divisions over the river first and then fight a larger enemy force. The Austrians helped the French immensely by keeping themselves in their defensive positions.

The game system has a variable strength system that provides for an endless amount of replayability. This game provides an excellent introduction to the Incredible Courage game system as the forces involved are fairly small, one French Corps vs One Austrian Corps. This game has some improvements over the Incredible Courage at Austerlitz series with a better organized rulebook and Level of Order markers that better portray what level the unit is currently at.

Play proceeds based on a set of initiative die rolls and Leadership values for Division and Corps Commanders. Players then choose to either fire or move. Play alternates between the players until all divisional and corps forces have had the opportunity to move or fire. Firing is accomplished unit by unit. Units may perform assault before moving on to other Divisions. Units are modeled as Infantry Companies (150 men), with Battaion substitute counters, Cavalry Squadrons (100 mounted soldiers), and Artillery Sections (2-3 guns). Units take losses in Levels of Order, starting at 5 for regular troops and 6 for Elite troops, and when they reach 0 they are eliminated.

Players must use the tactics of the day to put the right forces in the right place at the right time to ensure the success of the mission. Putting infantry, cavalry, and artillery together will enhance your chances of success.

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