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Lethal Party

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Oprindelig pris 48,00 - Oprindelig pris 48,00
Oprindelig pris
48,00 - 48,00
Nuværende pris 48,00

Antal spillere: 3 - 10

Alder: 15+

Spilletid: ca. 15 min.

Drink shots, or get shot? That's a good question!

Welcome to the life-betting party! A bunch of desperadoes have gathered together — not to bet money, but to engage in a more primitive way to reach to the top: a drinking game. In this party, you can either be wasted or get shot. Only the fastest person can leave here alive.

Lethal Party is a speed game for 3-10 players in which you try to be quick and sharp to grab the correct card to fire your bullets at your opponents. Whoever can survive to the end is the sole winner.

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