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Loop Inc.: Expansion Tiles

På lager Spar 9,92 Spar 9,92
Oprindelig pris 49,60
Oprindelig pris 49,60 - Oprindelig pris 49,60
Oprindelig pris 49,60
Nuværende pris 39,68
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Nuværende pris 39,68

Antal spillere: 1 - 4

Alder: 13+

Spilletid: ca. 45 min.

This Limited Edition expansion adds 16 tiles to the game. Performance Goals (7 tiles) At the beginning of the game, each player receives one randomly dealt tile as a secret goal, hidden from the other players. Players who have fulfilled the goal listed on their tile score bonus points at the end of the game. Waste Memo (5 tiles) At the beginning of the game, one Waste Memo tile is chosen at random. During the game, component penalties no longer simply count as -1 points, but rather carry the penalties indicated on the tile. Components are left face-up in the penalty area to prevent confusion. Butterfly Effect (4 tiles) After shuffling these tiles, they are placed, one by one, face down above trip cards, starting with the trip cards that take travelers the furthest back in time. One tile is placed for each player in the game (i.e. in a 3-player game, the three furthest-back trip cards will each have one Butterfly Effect tile placed face-down above them). When that trip card is visited, the player picks up the tile and places it face up above any trip card later in the timeline. No trip card may have more than one tile placed above it. A face-up tile affects both trips on a trip card, and rewards or subtracts points at the end of the game. These tiles were included for free for all backers of Loop Inc. on Kickstarter. However, these extras are available for purchase separately. None are Kickstarter-exclusive.

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