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Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition (Shane White)

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Antal spillere: 3 - 6

Alder: 10+

Spilletid: Ca. 90 min.

Celebrate 15 years of Munchkin with special Guest Artists Editions!

The humor of Munchkin and the fantasy of Pathfinder join forces again, with an all new look!

Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition gives players the same goblin bashing, dragon slaying fun of the original, now illustrated by Shane White, whose art has been previously featured in the Pathfinder: Goblins comic series. Iconic classes such as the Witch meet the Red Mantis Assassin and other factions to take on fan-favorite monsters such as the Whispering Tyrant and Lamashtu. Arm yourself, kill hordes of goblins, and grab all the treasure!

Spillet er på engelsk.