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Run, Fight, or Die! Big Box


Antal spillere: 1 - 4

Alder: 13+

Spilletid: ca. 40 min.

The Run, Fight or Die Big Box is a storage solution big enough to hold all Run, Fight or Die Expansions currently release (5/6 Player, Zombie Horde & Expansion Pack 3). Included with the Big Box are 2 Expansions: Running Late But We're Worth It and the Solo Campaign.

This expansion includes 4 new female characters, a new custom die, 4 new location cards, 12 new loot cards and rules.

The Solo Campaign consists of 4 mini games in which the player must find resources and Followers in order to defeat the Zombie Mutant in Phase 4. You start the campaign just as the apocalypse has begun, and you also start the game with limitations that could possibly remains in play the entire game.

The Solo Campaign includes the following components:

  • 15 Trait Cards used for variable player limitations
  • 15 action cards that replace the base game action cards
  • 3 upgrade cards
  • 1 courthouse player mat 

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