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Sentinels of the Multiverse: Ultimate Collector's Case

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Introducing, the Sentinels of the Multiverse Ultimate Collector's Case! Decorated with beautiful art and elegant design, the interior of the case features trays in the top for tokens, rulebooks, and more, and drawers for oversized cards, hero character cards and variants, villain decks, hero decks, and environment decks. In the Ultimate Collector's Case is a Comparison Booklet, listing the complexity/difficulty of every hero, villain, and environment in the entire Multiverse. The case also comes with dividers for every deck, damage type tokens, four foam blocks, and even a Guise variant card! The Ultimate Collector's Case can hold ALL of the Multiverse!



● 112 Tabbed Divider Boards
● 2 Token Sheets
● Full Color Comparison Chart Booklet
● 1 Promo Card
● 4 Foam Blocks 

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