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Spilordner til Imperial Settlers (IS-001) (Go7 Gaming)

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The storage solution for Imperial Settlers + expansions includes tons of room for card storage (429.5mm of linear card storage) and includes eight (8) wood dividers to handle your categorization needs.

This solution also includes five (5) removable trays for token storage:

  • 2x large removable token trays for storage of tokens used during play.  Each compartment is etched with a resource name, so your friends will never wonder where a resource belongs…
  • 3x small removable trays to store your start player token, round marker, promo exploration tiles, and each faction has its own etched compartment (through Aztecs), with room for faction specific tokens.

In a roomy space just below the large, removable token trays we have provided space to store your faction boards.  In fact, there is enough room down there to store a couple of extra faction boards (this assumes you have the five (5) current factions).  Let’s hope Portal Games delivers some additional expansion factions so you can fill that extra space!

This insert, as of Sep 7, 2016, provides support for expansions through the Aztecs.  This effectively means that it provides a compartment for each faction with the faction name etched into the base.

With all of the components in place, the game manual lays on top of the insert while the scoreboard is placed centered on top of the game manual and the top closes flat.

Product Notes

  • This insert kit provides storage for all core and expansion components as of May 2016.  This solution has two (2) large token tray compartments and three (3) smaller faction compartments that are currently unused to account for potential future expansions.
  • The insert was designed to store the scoreboard and rulebook on top.
  • This insert kit provides five (5) removable trays for quick setup and use during play.
  • This insert kit is lovingly crafted with laser power using a 3mm HDF wood product and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • This insert can accommodate sleeved or unsleeved cards.
  • Insert kit assembly requires some wood glue and about 30 minutes of assembly time.
  • This is not a licensed product.  All marks are the property of their respective owners.