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Star Saga: Nameless Goliath Expansion

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Antal spillere: 1 - 5

Alder: 14+

Towering over its multitudinous cousins, the Goliath is equally capable of tearing through bulkheads or crushing power-armoured Enforcers. It is only employed as a last resort by aggressive Nameless factions, as they fear it as much as their foes do.

This set contains an Expansion for the Terror in the Deep that allows you to fight the Nameless Goliath, including:

  • 1 Nameless Goliath
  • 1 Nameless Goliath Boss Card
  • Goliath Expansion Rulebook that includes 2 exciting new scenarios for the Terror in the Deep!

Miniatures supplied assembled and unpainted in coloured plastic. Requires Star Saga: The Terror in the Deep to play.

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