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This storage solution bundle for Rising Sun includes everything you need to store an entire single collection of Rising Sun Retail components, including all expansions.

This bundle includes:

  • one (1) RSUN-001 insert for the base game components
  • one (1) RSUN-003 insert for Dynasty Invasion components
  • one (1) RSUN-004 insert for Kami Unbound/Monster Pack components

These storage solutions together comprise a total solution for your entire Rising Sun game collection and the bundle represents a significant savings over buying each solution separately.

Note: we sometimes upgrade U.S. shipments to a faster service (UPS to USPS Priority, for example). If you prefer your chosen service, please add a note to your order specifying this.

What Do You Need?

Kickstarter: Assuming you have the base game and Daimyo box, you will need 1x RSUN-001 and 1x RSUN-002.  These two solutions provide total storage for all Kickstarter content and expansions.

Retail: If you purchased Rising Sun in retail, you will need 1x RSUN-001 for your base game. If you own the Dynasty Invasion expansion, you will need 1x RSUN-003.  Finally, If you own Kami Unbound and/or the Monster Pack, you will need 1x RSUN-004 which provides storage for both Kami Unbound and the Monster Pack.

Additionally, consider that the RSUN-001 provides storage for the base game components. The RSUN-002 provides storage for the Daimyo components, as well as storage for Dynasty Invasion, the Monster Pack, and Kami Unbound, but the Daimyo box is a Kickstarter exclusive. The RSUN-003 provides storage for the clans and monster minis in the Dynasty Invasion expansion. Finally, the RSUN-004 provides storage for Kami Unbound / Monster Pack combined.

Note: This solutions do not provide storage for the huge playmat board that was sold during the Kickstarter, nor the art book.

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