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This storage solution bundle for Zombicide: Green Horde includes everything you need to store an entire single collection of Kickstarter components, including all expansions.

This bundle includes:

  • one (1) ZBP-001 insert for the base game box
  • one (1) ZGH-002 insert for Horde box (Kickstarter only)
  • one (1) ZGH-003 insert for No Rest for the Wicked box
  • one (1) ZGH-004 insert for Friends and Foes box

These storage solutions together comprise a total solution for your entire Green Horde game collection and the bundle represents a savings over buying each solution separately.

Note: we sometimes upgrade U.S. shipments to a faster service (UPS to USPS Priority, for example). If you prefer your chosen service, please add a note to your order specifying this.

What Do You Need?

Zombicide Green Horde has a ton of content. We have provided the guidelines below to help you decide which storage solutions will best serve your needs:
  • If you own just the base game (Kickstarter or retail) , you should purchase 1x ZBP-001.
  • If you own the base game (Kickstarter or retail) and all expansions and Kickstarter content, you should purchase 1x ZBP-001, 1x ZGH-002, 1x ZGH-003, and 1x ZGH-004. These four storage solutions will store all Zombicide™ Green Horde content including all add-ons, except extra map tiles.
  • Beyond the two choices above, consider that the ZBP-001 solution handles the base game. The ZGH-002 solution handles storage for the Horde box (KS only) and has some extra room for small individual minis or up to three groups of minis (Fatty Bursters, Deadeyes, etc.). This insert also provides additional ID card and small card storage. The ZGH-003 handles storage for the No Rest for the Wicked expansion and is designed to store many of the small expansions and associated minis. This insert also includes a storage area for groups of minis. The ZGH-003 only provides minis storage. The ZGH-004 handles the storage for the Friends and Foes expansion, with room for some of the small expansions. Extras we store in the ZGH-004 include obstacles and doors in addition to the content in Friends and Foes. The ZGH-004 includes additional ID card and small card storage. It also includes storage for the Friends map tiles.

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