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Terraforming Mars: Deluxe Tokens

Upgrade your Terraforming Mars game with this metal cubes and ingots pack.
These cubes have the heft, durability, and sense of quality that this great game deserves!
Not only do they add class to your game, they make it more durable. The cubes that come with the game tend to chip paint after a few uses.  These cubes are solid metal and will always maintain their luster.
Note: This is version 2 of this game set. From customer purchases and feedback, we've updated this bundle. The set now includes gold ingots for convenience and we've re-configured the quantities of cubes to best match the needs of our gaming customers.
This set of cubes comes with one hundred consisting of: 
60 8mm Copper Cubes
15 8mm Silver Cubes
20 Gold Ingots
One set is perfect for 2 players. For 3-5 players, we suggest purchasing two packs.