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The Gang

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Oprindelig pris 63,36 - Oprindelig pris 63,36
Oprindelig pris
63,36 - 63,36
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Antal spillere: 2 - 5

Alder: 8+

Spilletid: ca. 30 min.

In The Gang, players try to play cards to capture gang members – with both gangs at risk of being captured. To set up each of the three cities in the game, draw five gangster cards at random, then place them in a row in numerical order (with a range of 1-80). Even and odd cards belong to different gangs and are color-coded. Each player has a hand of four gangster cards and a random special action card. On a turn, each player chooses one gangster and one city card/one special card, then they reveal them simultaneously. Players place cards in ascending order from lowest to highest. If a gangster was played with a city card, it's placed in that city in the proper numerical spot; if it was played with a special card, it can be placed in any city, with the special card being placed in the same city before or after the gangster. If the card you placed is one of two gangsters surrounding at least two gangsters of the other color, then you capture the surrounded gangsters and remove them from play. Special cards let you play on the end of a row, switch a gangster from even to odd (or vice versa), or move a gangster from one row to another. After four rounds, players discard their special card (if it hasn't been played), then receive a new hand of four gangsters and a special card. Any rows with fewer than five cards are filled to five cards. The game continues until not enough cards remain to fill players' hands and the rows; when this happens, the game ends immediately and players count the revolvers on the gangsters they've captured. The player with the high score wins. The Gang won the Lucca Games Award in 2010 for best unpublished games: "Miglior Gioco Inedito", and as the prize for this award, it was published by dV Giochi and Lucca Comics and Games. Also, "COSV, Italian Solidarity Worldwide" is involved in the production, with the rules translation in Arabic.

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