The Monolith - Addon Unit - Silver

The Monolith - Addon Unit - Silver

The Monolith - Addon Unit - Silver

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Addon Module for "The Monolith" KM-T01 Deck Box. (CANNOT BE USED ON ITS OWN.)
Comes with 1x interchangeable Card Tray that can be used in Deck Boxes: Monolith(KM-T01), Vault(KM-S02) and Crypt(KM-L02).

When combined with "The Monolith" KM-T01, it will form Triple Deck/Dice Tower!

Card Tray Included Fits 100 double sleeved cards or lots of Dice and Counters.

Internal Dimension of Card Tray: 90mm x 80mm x 70mm
Overall Addon Module External Dimension: 120mm x 130mm x 90mm

Made with:
- Metal Frame
- Metal Hinge
- Metal Latch
- Exterior Metal Plating

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