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Travel Gravwell Organiser (Broken Token) (TVL001)

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Travel with your Gravwell game without ships and cards flying around your car, train, or spaceship.  

This travel organizer stores the cards from Gravwell: Escape From the 9th Dimension by Renegade Game Studios, and allows for a quick game in tight quarters or on the go by swapping the game's ships for themed pegs that set right into the top of the case.  The engraving on the top of this organizer serves as Gravwell's gameboard.  This feature combined with the included ship pegs allows you to store and play Gravwell without the larger board and ship pieces; perfect for the car, plane, train, or cafe.

Includes one red, one yellow, one blue, and one black peg to take place of the player ship pieces, two gray for the non-player ships, and one white peg for use as a round marker. 

Ship pegs will probably stay in place while travelling at zero-G but we haven't gotten to test this yet, let us know if you find a way. 

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).