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Vikings on the volga

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Spilletid: Ca. 45 min.

From the fjords of the north to the rivers of the east come the longships of the Vikings — and as someone riding aboard those ships, you'll seek your fortune in the lands of Russia, trading under the watchful eye of the prince of Kiev or pillaging with the Golden Horde.

In Vikings on the Volga, players take turns sailing down rivers, trading goods, bribing officials, and looting cities. Careful planning pays off, but when things go wrong you can always go a-viking. On your turn, you either move your ship (to buy and sell goods at cities), or you move the horde (to burn cities), or you move the prince (to rebuild cities). The goal is to be the richest Viking, with the game ending when someone hits 30 rubles or five cities are burning or all the contracts have been fulfilled.

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