Wooden Deck Box - Commander (Blackfire)

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This beautifully engraved, wooden Deck Box is the perfect storage solution for your 100-Cards Commander Deck.

The card compartment can keep up to 120 double sleeved cards. Next to the card compartment there is space for dice or tokens. At its side the Commander Box can keep life counters and token cards in either 2 or 3 compartments (can be changed individually).

The top of the box holds a super-secure lock system that keeps the box closed, even under high pressure. An acrylic card slot shows your commander card at the top of the box. Of course this compartment is big enough even for cards in Sleeve Covers.

Please note that the box is sold unassembled and requires PVA glue.
Material: Engraved HDF wood and Acryl
Measurements: 17,5cm x 11cm x 8,5cm

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