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The storage solution for Crossfire™ system games (Dragonfire™, Shadowrun Crossfire Prime Runner Edition™) provides an all-encompassing and expandable solution that will meet your setup, storage, and play needs today and provides room for future growth.

This storage solution provides 558mm of linear card storage and includes ten (10) wood dividers to handle your categorization needs. Need more dividers? Grab some XFIRE-DIV-001 divider packs here.

This solution also includes two (2) trays:

  • one (1) base insert that provides a home for your cards, token tray, sticker sheets, character screens, and adventure cards
  • one (1) removable, lidded token tray to store your tokens and damage clips that can be built in one of two different configurations

This insert creates 5.5mm of lid lift (see image above) to allow for sleeved cards and recessed rulebook storage. The box lid is stable.

The Dragonfire class type markers, if permanently built using glue, will require some of the card storage. If not permanently built using glue, they can be stored elsewhere potentially.

The Dragonfire images depict the insert being used to store all content announced through early next year unsleeved (all content through Sword Mountains Crypt, which has a street date of Feb. 6, 2019 is shown stored in the insert in these images. This content was available to attendees at GenCon and other conventions in summer 2018.)  If you sleeve, you will eventually need additional storage space, depending on what you own when considering the content through Sword Mountains Crypt.

The Shadowrun images depict the Prime Runner core set (no expansions released yet). This solution was designed for the new Crossfire content and has not been tested in/with the older Shadowrun Crossfire releases.

CGL has published a SKU into the channel for a Box of Holding to be released later this year. It is unclear if/when this will be released, but we currently plan to produce a storage solution for this Box of Holding, when available.

Product Notes

  • This insert kit provides one base insert and one (1) removable, lidded tray for quick setup and use during play.
  • This insert kit provides storage for your manual on top.
  • This insert can accommodate sleeved or unsleeved cards. We use FFG sleeves, but since they are so large most other sleeves will work as well. There is tons of room for expansion cards too! Additional XFIRE-DIV-001 dividers available.
  • This insert kit is lovingly crafted with laser power using a 3mm HDF wood product and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • Insert kit assembly requires some wood glue and about 45 minutes of assembly time. We recommend Sobo Craft glue or another comparable quick setting, tacky glue.
  • This is not a licensed product. All marks are the property of their respective owners.

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