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Yōkaï no Mori (Yokai no Mori)

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Antal spillere: 2 - 2

Alder: 7+

Spilletid: ca. 15 min.

Inspired by the Shogi – traditional Japonese game – Yōkaï no mori is a very simple game, but with a great tactical and strategic scope. One of its particularities is that the pieces are never definitively eliminated: its new owner can thus put any piece captured back in the game at any moment.

In Yōkaï no mori, thanks to your kodama, kitsune, tanuki, oni and other kirin, you will discover two games on two different board games; one is a minimalist version with 8 pieces made of wood but “devilishly captivating”, the other comprises 16 pieces made of wood for more strategic games. 

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