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Insert til Zombicide: Black Ops (ZI-002) (Go7Gaming)

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This insert, designed for the Zombicide: Black Ops box, provides minis storage and survivor card storage.  The insert provides one (1) removable tray.

This insert provides:

  • a base tray with storage for nine (9) large minis, forty (40) small minis, and an adjustable bay area where survivor cards and larger groups of minis can be stored
  • a smaller, removable tray that holds as many as twenty-two (22) minis

This solution is designed to provide additional storage for all the extras that are purchased beyond the base game and expansion boxes.

Name tabs are provided for the Xenos present in Black Ops.  Name tabs are provided for other Xenos in our other insert for this game release (ZI-001)

What Do You Need?

We have three (3) products to meet your storage and organizing needs for Zombicide: Invader:

  • ZI-001 - the ZI-001 is designed to be used in the Invader box or the Dark Side box.
  • ZI-002 - The ZI-002 is designed to be used in the Black Ops expansion box.
  • MD-007 - this is a universal storage solution initially designed for Massive Darkness because CMON did not provide high-quality boxes for Kickstarter extras and expansion content.  The MD-007 provides an open storage concept with room for items large and small and is an external solution.
Keep in mind, we design with all-in in mind.  Therefore, there is not a strict one solution per box mapping.

If you have retail:

  • Zombicide: Invader Retail - 1x ZI-001
  • Zombicide: Dark Side Retail - 1x ZI-001
  • Zombicide: Black Ops Retail - we used Black Ops as an overflow box given the low component count in the box.  Our approach requires that you have either Invader or Dark Side to store things like dashboards and map tiles from Black Ops.
If you have Kickstarter:

  • All-In: if you bought one of everything, you need 2x ZI-001, 1x ZI-002, and 1x MD-007.
  • Civilian Pledge only - 1x ZI-001, 1x MD-007.
  • Soldier Pledge only - 1x ZI-001, 1x ZI-002.  You won't be able to store more than nine (9) dashboards in this solution.
Consider that the ZI-001 stores the components from Invader or Dark Side and provides some room for additional components (up to nine map tiles in each ZI-001), If you only store dashboards in one ZI-001 box, the other can hold minis. The ZI-002 is a general mini and large card storage solution used in the Black Ops box.  This box will house the majority of your survivors and many large abominations.  This solution also has a card storage area for your survivor cards and space for 2 - 3 groups of minis near the cards.  All those expansions with survivors are stored in this solution.  All of those extra abominations are also stored here.

The MD-007 provides overflow storage for additional groups of minis, the bonus Driller Abomination in the soldier pledge, and other things such as additional player dashboards, extra tokens, etc.

We encourage you to check out the images for the three designs.  It will help you understand better how everything goes together.  Groups of minis can be stored in various boxes based on your preferences, but some larger minis have specific places as noted in the build instructions.

What did we use to design these solutions?

The short answer is one of everything.  The total list:

  • Soldier Pledge
  • Soldier Extras
  • Civilian Extras
  • Dark Side
  • Dark Side Extras
  • Promo Xenos
  • Orphans Gang Survivors Pack
  • Plastic Token Pack
  • Deck Holders
  • Blue Dice
  • Orange Dice
  • Plague Gang Survivors Pack
  • Kabuki Gang Survivors Pack
  • 3D Plastic Doors
  • Counter Base Set

Product Notes

  • This insert provides one (1) removable tray and one (1) base tray.
  • This insert is specifically designed with 1mm of lift to protect the survivor cards, so game manuals for this expansion should be stored in the ZI-001.
  • This insert can store survivor cards unsleeved.
  • This insert is constructed of HDF (wood product) and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • Insert assembly requires some wood glue and about 50 minutes of assembly time. I recommend Sobo Craft glue or another comparable quick setting, tacky glue.
  • This insert kit weighs > 2 pounds, so it must be shipped USPS Priority Mail outside of Canada and the United States.
  • This product is not officially licensed.  All marks are the property of their respective owners.