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Akrotiri (Revised Edition)

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Antal spillere: 2

Alder: 13+

Spilletid: ca. 45 min.


It is an open secret that numerous temples are scattered around the Aegean near the island of Thera, but you know where to find them! With maps in hand, it’s time to set out and become a legend in Akrotiri. In this two player game, you are rival explorers in Classical Greece searching for legendary Minoan temples—but first you'll first need to fund your expedition. You must explore the uncharted Aegean, gather resources, and sell them for a profit before you can excavate the hidden temples.


Akrotiri combines elements of tile-laying, hand management, and resource gathering. The path to the temples becomes clear as players chart the Aegean. Through clever Land tile placement, players match the board with the Map cards in their hands. In turn, this leads to the lost temples. Uncovering a temple scores points and unlocks additional actions each turn. The more temples you excavate, the more points you’ll score, but the secret goal cards keep the final victor a mystery until the very end. Whoever can strike the perfect balance between exploring, gathering resources, and excavating temples will go down in history!

Contents: Rulebook, 1 Starting Board, 1 Market Board, 2 Player Boards, 2 Boats, 6 Action markers, 12 Temples, 36 Land Tiles, 36 Map Cards, 12 Goal Cards, 32 Resource Cubes, 15 1-Drachma Pieces, 10 5-Drachma Pieces

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