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Blood Red Skies: US Ace Pilot - Lawrence Steffenhagen

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Lawrence F. Steffenhagen was born in Minnesota in 1912 and graduated from the University of Colorado in 1936. Steffenhagen shipped out with the USS Lexington as a member of the United States Naval Reserve and flew a TBD-1 Devastator as part of VT-2, the carrier’s Torpedo Squadron 2. On 7 May 1942 Steffenhagen participated in a successful attack on the IJN carrier Shoho, braving enemy fire to score one of the five torpedo hits that sank her. Steffenhagen earned the Navy Cross for his heroism. He went on to earn a Gold Star to his Navy Cross in 1945 leading USS Wasp’s Torpedo Squadron 86 in a highly successful raid on the IJN’s Kure naval base in Honshu.

Box contains one Warlord resin Douglas Devastator plane and game aids.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted