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Antal spillere: 2-4

Alder: 8+

Spilletid: ca. 30 min.

Carcata is a light strategy game including a catapult-like volcano by Roberto Fraga.

As ancestral tradition dictates, when the time comes for the Great Challenge, the local tribes send their 5 most valiant warriors to Carcata, the volcano island.

There, they will have to defend the honor of their tribe and prove their courage for collecting the gems fired by the furious volcano, while avoiding the danger that awaits them!

This was a time before Carcata island was called Krakatoa!

On their turn, players roll 5 dice trying to get the Action they need according to their strategy. But, because of turtles, rerolling the dice is risky!

  • Movement: move meeples up and down the island and collect gems
  • Lava flow: kill opponent meeples, close territories, destroy gems
  • Statues: Protect meeples from lava flows
  • Volcanic eruption: Pick a gem, place it on top of the volcano and catapult it onto the board to kill opponent meeples or close to yours in order to collect them later.
  • Turtle: Any dice with a turtle can not be re-rolled. The Ancestral Turtle moves 1 space along it's path for each symbol at the end of the player's turn. If the turtle swims twice around the island, the island is the winner and all players lose.

When the last member of a tribe is killed, the game is over.
Each meeple is worth the value of the square they end on. Level 1 = 1 point, level 2 = 2 points etc.
Score the gems you collected from the board. Emerald = 1, Ruby = 2, Saphir = 3, Diamond = 5
Score the gems remaining on the ground if you have meeples in that same enclosed area. An enclosed area is an area between 2 lava flows starting from the volcano and reaching the sea.

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