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Flames of War: IL-2 Shturmovik Assault Company (Plastic) (SBX77)

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Includes two plastic Il-2 Shturmovik aircraft, two plastic flight stands, one decal sheet and two Unit Cards.

The Ilyushin-2 Shturmovik ground-attack aircraft was one of the most important Soviet combat aircraft of World War II. The Il-2 was a well-designed, effective aircraft and was produced in great numbers.

Contents include:
  • Decal Sheet (x1)
  • Flight Stands (x2)        
  • Tall Flight Stand Add-ons (x2)

Unit Cards
  • IL-2 Shturmovik Assault Flight (x1)       
  • IL-2 Shturmovik Assault Company (37mm) (x1)

1/144, plastic