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Metal Dwarven Dice Set (7) (Q-Workshop) (SMDW35)

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Use our dice in all games where tough warriors, masters of crafts, pure-hearted heroes and heroines will have to save the world, defeat all enemies and drink mead. In this world where all what is worthy is earned with hard work, our dice are solid like Mother Earth herself. Other dice can be only trinkets, our dice are different. Grab them and feel durability, solidity and weight of metal dice. Can anything be better in hands of heavy hitters, and monster slayers? Nothing. Without any questions.And as dwarves are great traders, today we can offer you this gorgeous dwarven metal set of 7 RPG dice in sensible price. But, if you don’t feel worthy of Dwarven Metal RPG Dice, you can train with their lighter versions. We have Dwarven Dice made of lighter materials. Train hard with them and come back for real Metal Dwarven Dice. Be a hero, not a weakling. Be no elf.