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Juletravlhed! Der er pt. 2-3 dages forsinkelse på afsendelse af pakker

My Very First Set - Magic Journey (Q-Workshop) (SMVF4D)

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The journey begins… Behold the ultimate tool to direct the imagination of the “small people” to the big world full of adventures! My Very First Set is an adorable, multi-colored set of dice: each polyhedron has a different background color, and a different fairytale character depicts the highest face. The painting color is silver, mesmerizingly catching the eyes of the young players.

My Very First Set. Magic Journey

Ah, to be a child again! Discovering the world anew, seeing everything for the first time, without prejudice, limitations, doubts... Gaining experience by a natural process of trial and error, seeing challenges and adventures at every step! To feel genuine, sincere, and unstoppable joy, to feel enthusiasm for fun and news bursting in our hearts!

You can't turn back time... but you certainly can feel young again! We created My Very First Set for two purposes: firstly, to let our youngest players fabulously enter the world of adventure. Secondly, so the adults accompanying them can enjoy their happiness and a fresh breeze in their approach to challenges. Thanks to these polyhedrons, children will be eager to learn how to create their own stories, and they will boldly approach role-playing games - all of that in a colorful setting, with characters known and liked from stories, fairy tales, and movies.

My Very First Set is unusual in our offer because each polyhedron is unique. Each has its own background color, and each presents a different fairy-tale character on the highest face, with the font of the digits kept in a unique atmosphere of the designated character. The whole set is colorful and inviting, which is a great way of igniting the youngest players' passion for creating stories and participating in them.

Show your kids how many amazing adventures can be created by combining several characters and forgetting the limitations of old conventions! Teach them to play RPG with you using My Very First Set - it's time for them to spread their wings! Let their Magic Journey begin!

The journey begins...

From one adventure to the next! My Very First Set - Magic Journey is an ideal tool for introducing the youngest to the world of RPG, as well as collecting. Each die has its own color scheme, as well as its own font and engravings, matching the fairy-tale character depicted on the highest face. Effectively, the set consists of 7 different dice with a fairy-tale atmosphere - a great start!

  • Colorful world - Each die has a different material color: from creamy white, through yellow, to pastel pink, mint green, powder blue, and orange.
  • Known and liked - On the highest face of each die, there is a different character known from fairy tales: a witch, a knight, a fairy, a unicorn, a frog, a dragon, and a cat in boots.
  • Educational and safe - The edges of the cubes are specially rounded, and the clear font and characteristic decorations catch the eye, teaching people to recognize numbers.
  • Color for everyone - The silver color of engravings connects all the dice of the set, but their designs are different on each