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The Witcher: Old World – Mages

Oprindelig pris 430,00 - Oprindelig pris 430,00
Oprindelig pris
430,00 - 430,00
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Antal spillere: 1-5

Alder: 14+

Spilletid: ca. 150 min.

It includes 5 new characters – mages. Each has a unique miniature, a full set of components that include an individual deck and a player board with an individual specialty. With that expansion, you have 12 characters to choose from, and that’s not all. Mages get a board extension and a full deck of Action Cards. So mages and witchers can compete in the Old World, but they train and fight in their own style.

Expansion Components:

- 5 sets of Mage components: A miniature with a plastic base, double-layered Player Board, Tokens to track Attributes and Energy, 10 Starting Action Cards, and 4 Trophy Cards.
- 5 Specialty Tokens
- 90 Action Cards
- 30 wooden tokens
- 1 Additional Board

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