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Upgrade #2: X-Wing Miniatures Game 2.0 Tokens (Burger Tokens)

Oprindelig pris 80,00 - Oprindelig pris 80,00
Oprindelig pris
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The second premium UPGRADE token set for X-Wing Miniatures 2.0 comes with 25 supplementary tokens:

2 disarm. 
3 passive sensors (on/off double-sided). 
3 cloak. 
2 jam. 
3 deplete. 
2 strain. 
2 reinforce. 
4 open/close (double-sided). 
4 locks (black/white double-sided). 

These tokens are meant to complement the main set.

The tokens are made with a near-invincible epoxy, ultra-strong 3M adhesive, and a top of the line full-color offset print.  Place a "bun" on each side of a penny, and you get a luxury token that will last you a lifetime.

The design philosophy states that the art should stay true to the original colors and designs while being clearly legible across the table.  Trust us, your opponents will appreciate it.

Read more about why the tokens are awesome here.

Pennies aren't included.  You wouldn't want them to be anyways, since you would pay more in shipping than the pennies are worth.

Here's a list of all of the international coins that work perfectly.