Spilordner til Agricola (2016-udgave) (Go7 Gaming) (AGR-003)

Spilordner til Agricola (2016-udgave) (Go7 Gaming) (AGR-003)
Spilordner til Agricola (2016-udgave) (Go7 Gaming) (AGR-003)
Spilordner til Agricola (2016-udgave) (Go7 Gaming) (AGR-003)
Spilordner til Agricola (2016-udgave) (Go7 Gaming) (AGR-003)
Spilordner til Agricola (2016-udgave) (Go7 Gaming) (AGR-003)
Spilordner til Agricola (2016-udgave) (Go7 Gaming) (AGR-003)
Spilordner til Agricola (2016-udgave) (Go7 Gaming) (AGR-003)

Spilordner til Agricola (2016-udgave) (Go7 Gaming) (AGR-003)

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The licensed storage solution for the 2016 release of Agricola will allow you to reduce setup and cleanup time and streamline your game play.  It also provides a wonderful home for your game components while shelved and has enough space to accommodate the 5/6 player expansion components.

The insert offers a removable tile tray, a removable resource tray, a removable top tray for manuals and player/game boards, a player bit storage area for up to 6 players, and an angled card storage area.

NOTE:  this storage solution is designed to accommodate the new 2016 Agricola revised edition from Mayfair/Lookout Games.

Card Storage

The Agricola insert, by virtue of the space limitations of the box, is best used with unsleeved cards if you want to maximize your card storage space.  However, there is space in the solution for sleeved cards and even some expansion cards (the 5/6 player expansion cards will fit sleeved) .  This solution provides 188mm of space for angled card storage.  As you can see in the images, we have stored unsleeved cards and there is about 100mm of storage space left.  Agricola cards are .26mm thick.  An FFG Euro sleeve will bring the total card thickness to about .46mm (adding .2mm).  So, each sleeve will almost double your space requirements per card.  Each divider uses 3mm of space.

Resource Tray

The included resource tray is precision designed to store your resource bits efficiently.  While some of the resource types can just be tossed into their respective compartments, many require that you store the bits in an ordered fashion.  See the image provided above for an illustration.  This will take some extra effort when initially storing your bits, but once setup it takes very little effort to maintain.  Also, alternate configurations are possible with this tray, but we recommend you build the tray using the configuration provided in the instructions.  This tray is designed to be removed from the box and used during game play.

Tiles Storage

The included removable tile storage tray is designed to store the tiles and multiplier tokens from the base game and the 5/6 player expansion.  This tray also provides a compartment for cattle storage.  This tray is also designed to be removed from the box and used during game play.

Top Tray

The kit provides a top tray that can be used to store large game/player boards and manuals.  We provide two versions of the top tray you can build; one for the base game and one for the base game + 5/6 player expansion.  If you build and use the taller top tray, it will create ~6mm of lid lift.  If you have the 5/6 player expansion, you can also opt to not use a top tray.


Go7 Gaming designed a space below the resource tray in the main insert to store your scorepads (both the base and 5/6 player expansion score pad can be stored there).


This insert will not be able to accommodate Farmers of Moor, if/when that expansion is revised and republished.  This insert will allow for the storage of a variable number of expansion cards, based on whether you sleeved your cards and how thick your sleeves are.  If you don’t sleeve, you have a ton of expansion card space.

Product Notes

  • This insert kit provides one (1) angled card storage area.
  • This insert kit provides one removable resource tray and one removable tile tray for use during play.
  • This insert is lovingly crafted with laser power using a 3mm HDF wood product and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • Allows sleeved or unsleeved cards.
  • Insert assembly requires some wood glue and about 40 minutes of assembly time. I recommend Sobo Craft glue or another comparable quick setting, tacky glue.
  • This licensed product is proudly offered by Go7 Gaming under license with Lookout GmbH.
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