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Flames of War: SU-76 Light SP Battery (Plastic) (SBX65)

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Includes five Plastic SU-76 SP Batteries, one Decal sheet and four Unit Cards.

As Soviet factories began to turn out enough T-34 tanks to equip the tank brigades, production of light T-70 tanks switched to SU-76 self=propelled guns instead. Cheap and simple, they allowed the artillery to roll forward with the tanks and infantry, engaging the enemy over open sights.

Plastic SU-76 Spure (x5)
Soviet Decal Sheet (x1)           
SU-76 Crew Sprue (x1)

Unit Cards
Bagration Soviets Force Card (x1)
T-70 Light SP Artillery Regiment HQ (x1)          
SU-76 Light SP Battery (x1)

15mm, plastic