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Folklore: The Affliction – Folklore Shadow Pack

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Antal spillere: 1 - 5

Alder: 14+

Spilletid: ca. 90 min.

A pack of exclusive items from Folklore: The Affliction The Fall of the Spire Expansion Kickstarter campaign. Note that this pack also requires the Dark Tales Expansion to use these cards. Items include: x4 Artifacts Card (mini size: 48x68mm) - Cauldron of Summoning - Crown of Thorns - Lich's Scepter - Ring of Shifting x4 Rumors Card (Poker size: 3.5x2.5in) - Dark Tower - Lair of the Mother - Stains on Stones - Witch's March x1 World Map (Metal) Group Marker (16mm base)

Udvidelsen er på engelsk.