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Nanofictionary Blanks

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Oprindelig pris 40,00 - Oprindelig pris 40,00
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40,00 - 40,00
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Antal spillere: 3 - 6

Alder: 10+

Spilletid: ca. 45 min.

Nanofictionary is a storytelling game in three rounds. The first round involves the construction of the stories, in which players race to collect the four plot elements of setting, characters, problem, and resolution. In the next round, the players tell their stories. After that, the players vote on which were the best stories, with additional votes being added by judges on the sidelines.

Nanofictionary Blanks is an expansion pack for this game that consists of twelve blank cards and a marker. Now you can put your works into the game to inspire the creativity of others.

Udvidelsen er på engelsk.